Wednesday, January 30, 2013

14 Basics Tips for Your New Android Phone part II

android tips and tricks

TIPS 8: How to forward your SMS?

Press and hold you message until show option menu, choose forward SMS and then type your destination number.

TIPS 9: Installing application from downloaded file *.apk

To install downloaded application, go to Launcher menu >> Setting >> Application >>be marked in unknown source option. Next steps are:
- put *.apk file from application in SD Card
- install Google android application, Astro File Manager which can be downloaded and installed from market
- click file *.apk in place that this file had been paste
- wait until installing process has done

TIPS 10: Replacing ringtone mode become silent & vibrates

Sometimes I don’t like noisy ringtone if I am in calm condition. So, I must be turn off ringtone mode and setting the Android phone in silent mode.
To make silent mode, push and hold power button until menu was showed, then choose silence or vibrate. It is same way like before if you want make your new Android phone in ringtone mode.

TIPS 11: Transferring Microsoft Outlook contact data to Android Phone

To transferring contact data, you should convert the contact data become csv file. Now, you can import to contact in Gmail in your handset.

TIPS 12: Transferring contact from SIM Card to handset

For copying SIM Card contact to handset, you can press menu button and enter to Import/Export. In this menu, choose Import from SIM Card.

TIPS 13: Turning off T9 on keyboard

To disable T9 when type, you can do it by enter to Launcher Menu >> Setting >> Language & keyboard >> Android Keyboard, do un-tick in Prediction or Suggestion.

TIPS 14: Do you want to add ringtone to handset

If you want add ringtone to handset, you should make directory which be given name “media” in SD Card. In media directory, you also make ringtones directory for ringtones place which you want to add, notifications directory for notification ringtone, and alarms directory for alarms ringtone. Put ringtone file which you want to add and matching that by directory which want to be used.
This is basic tips for you about new Android phones. Anything else you want to share? Please get comment below. Thank you.

14 Basics Tips for Your New Android Phone Part I

android tips and tricks
You must be like if you have new Android Phone in your hand. But for some beginners, may be they get little confuse in operationally of their new phone.
In my experience, there are some questions from novice Android Phone user about using their new gadget, I have found in my around and some of them I found in Q & A site. So, these are 14 basics tips for your New Android Phone.

TIPS 1: Knowing firmware version or Android OS in your handset

The actions should you do: go to Launcher Menu >> Settings >> about phone.
In this way, you can check info of lighted firmware version.

TIPS 2: Knowing about left storage size in internal handset and SD Card

Just Go to Launcher Menu >> Settings >> SD Card & Phone Storage. You will know about left memory inside.

TIPS 3: Taking data, documents, photos and other files into SD Card

Do you want take files in your new Android Phone?
- Get connecting your handset to PC/Laptop through USB cable and then pulling-down notification bar at top home-screen in handset.
- Choose USB connected, after that, push mount button until in PC/Laptop will show pop-up windows or removable disk. You can share and copy files from and to SD Card Handset.
- To disable SD Card mapping in PC/Laptop, pulling-down notification bar in to home-screen (just like before) and then turn off USB storage.

TIPS 4: How to set network which be used for always in 2G network (GSM only)

There is 2 ways to set network for always in 2G network:
Get to Launcher Menu >> Settings >> Wireless controls >> Mobile network settings, marked on “Use only 2G Networks”
Take the phone and push dial *#*#INFO#*#* or *#*#4636#*#*. After that, go to phone information and set preferred network type to GSM Only.

TIPS 5: Login in Google account in Android handset

You can login Google account by opening one of Google android application in your new Android phone such as; Gmail, G-talk, and market. In the first time you open those applications, you are requested to type your username and password in Google account.

TIPS 6: Factory data reset

If you want set your new Android phone in default setting, one thing that you can do is; go to Launcher menu >> Setting >> Security and then continue by choosing Factory data reset.

TIPS 7: Change Google user account in handset

Firstly, you should log out from previous Google user account.
Go to Launcher menu >> setting >> Applications >> Manage applications and in Gmail application, Gmail storage, Google Apps & Google search,  clear the data and the you can login for new username.
Actually, there is other way to change user account. It is set factory data reset. But if using this way, your internal data will be deleted. So, you must be back up the data if before do this.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Application Review: MemoryUp Pro, Application to Manage and Optimize RAM Android Phone

memoryup pro
It is a lot of fun when your Android Phone have many installed application in it. But, it is spiteful when installed apps that caused Android Phone get low speed and lag.
When Application is running, it will take resource of RAM. If there are many running application, it can make RAM performance become over burdened.
Many apps had been created to speed up Android Phone. One of them is MemoryUp pro. This application will manage and optimize your Android Phone’s RAM.

memoryup pro

Your Android phone will be saved with this application. It is powerful and can make your Android phone running fast.
MemoryUp pro maximize memory usage, so it will make RAM smarter in saving memory for running application.
So, why you don’t try this interesting application on your Android Phone for RAM boosting? Try it.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

5 Top Applications to Boost Your Android Phone Performance

boost android performance
Android phone is gadget which easy to install and uninstall application up to its user. Because of its compatibility and using easily, after long time, this gadget will get slow. Too many applications which have been installed or uninstalled make the performance of android phone decrease. And when this gadget is getting slow, it is make so boring, isn’t it?
Android phone is hardware which in running uses processor. As smart hardware, processor that use in this device has function to take care performance and stabilize the device which be using, beside for responding the task that be given.
There is also internal memory in Android phone. It has function to save cache from tasks we gave before. With saving cache, gadget can repeat the task easier. But, if too much cache in gadget, it can make the gadget get slow.
In this article, I will give you review some applications which have function to make increase Android phone performance. This is five top applications maybe you should try to fix this problem.

1. Optimus Root Memory Optimizer

Optimus Root Memory Optimizer
Optimus Root Memory Optimizer will automatically turn off running application in the back when memory system is lower normal condition. This application will absolve memory more aggressive so it can increase the system performance. This application is available on three configurations; moderate, balance, and extreme.

2. Advance task killer

Advance task killer
This application is simply enough to use. It will show you running application. Just marked in application you want to turn off, choose “KILL selected apps” and the problem will be solved. It is easy, isn’t it? The good thing from this application is that it can be managed for auto start.

3. App 2 SD

App 2 SD
One of reason your Android phone is getting slow because too many installed applications in internal memory. If you have memory card with big enough capacity, but your gadget can’t install automatically in external memory, you can use this application which be created by Sam Lu. Just move installed applications in gadget. For your notice, this application requires Froyo Android operating system in your gadget at least.

4. De Saver+a Task Killer

De Saver+a Task Killer
This application has function to save battery for you Android gadget. It has feature such as; give ease of use for user to stop application and reset phone quickly, showing battery status and temperature, talk time and other battery information. To increase battery performance, you should turn off useless application or not in use. There are some option you can stop directly like screen resolution, volume setting, Wi-Fi indicator, GPS, Bluetooth, Auto-Sync.

5. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer
ES File Explorer is file manager application that has good function for Android phone you have. This application has a lot of function; file manager (copy, Paste, Cut/Move, Create, Delete and Rename, Share/Send) like a computer, setting your application and backup, compress and Decompress ZIP files, Unpack RAR files, showing some photo format, documents, video, multimedia, as media text viewer and editor, searching files media and many more.

Actually, there is another way to boost your Android phone. It called “rooting”. But, this way is risky. Maybe next time I can share this way.
See you next time.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tips for Choosing Android Phones Correctly

android phone

Want to buy Android Phones? It is very common in this time that people want change their Smartphone with Android Phone. As we know that Android phones have interesting feature to hook customer. But in choosing Android Phones, there are some points you should consider. It is resentful when you buy Android Phones after you discover it from box, that gadget is not match like you want, isn’t it? So, these are some points you should consider in looking for Android Phones.

Why Should Consider in Choosing Android Phones?

Before I give you some tips, let me explain why you should consider this. There are many Android Phones in many vendor had launched. Development of Android system is very fast, even in a year it can upgrade their operating system twice. The challenge for choosing Android Phones is in variant option. Android is not like iPhone which only has one or two option type. It is not like Symbian Phones which be dominated with one phone vendor. Android has up to ten series in some vendor and some marks. There is a quote, “When there are many options, there are many considerations” so, choosing Android Phones is more difficult than other phone types.
After knowing the reason, this is some points you should considerate if you want to buy Android Phones. Check this out:

Tips for Choosing Android Phones: Basic Features

specification android phone

Do you know about basic features always have in Android Phones? As sophisticated phone, Android phones have some basic features such as: Camera, touch screen, GPS, supporting mobile connectivity, accelerometer sensor, and radio. Check those basic features, is it running correctly? After check them, maybe you can consider about additional features like front-facing camera to video call, newest Android OS, or new connectivity type. Usually, the price of phones is dependent of their feature and performance.
In this point, you finally know about basic and additional features of Android Phones you want buy.

Tips for Choosing Android Phones: Price Tag

I can say that it is important point. Why? Because you have to look your content of wallet before choose the right phones. And in this case, you should also carefully about choosing phones. Android phones price tag maybe not same from one shop and other. Comparing price before purchase your money in one shop is the best way. You can search in internet about Android Phones review, check plus, minus and the bottom line about Android Phones Review. With looking for reference in internet, you got more view about Android Phones.

Tips for Choosing Android Phones: Availability for Updating OS

android jelly bean logo

Because of development of Android OS is very fast, you must consider this point. There are some phone vendor is not ready for updating Android. It is dependent of policy and initiative from own vendor. When Google launch upcoming Android version, update availability is on vendor right, not Google. The own Android System has different compatibility with one phones and the others. You can’t upgrade some Android Phones type by using firmware on other Android Phones has.
The smart way to fix this problem is, you must know about vendor which available for updating Android version. 

Tips for Choosing Android Phones: Operation System

android phone operating system

Actually, Android Operation System which be used by phone vendor has different license. But this is not written on phone specification. Basically, Google distribute Android with two using schemes, Google Mobile Service model (GMS) and Open Handset Distribution (OHD). Phones which adopt GMS will get full facilities; include service from Google and Android Marketplace. Besides that, OHD don’t get like GMS. Even though in OHD model is not complete, but Android Phones with OHD type is cheaper than Android Phones with GMS type. Now, average number of Android Phones have used GMS model. OHD only be used by gadget like desktop phones based Android.
At this point, you should choose phone vendor (or trademarks) which always update their system or firmware.
So, this is some point you should considerate before buy Android Phones.
Happy Shopping!